Recorder Virtuoso
(NY Times)

In the afternoon’s most exquisite passage, (Joyce DiDonato) teamed up with recorder virtuoso Daphna Mor for an aria from Handel’s “Rinaldo" packed with scintillating birdsong.
(San Fransisco Chronicle.)

the radiant vocals of leader Basya Schechter and the astonishing virtuosity of recorder player Daphna Mor stood out. (Mor, in fact, stands as a force unto herself.)
(Howard Reich / Chicago Tribune)

...The stand-out performance of the evening was Daphna Mor's. Performing without a score, she made the Concerto for sopranino recorder and orchestra in C major a recorder tour de force. The sopranino can be a shrill instrument, but Ms. Mor gave it a warm yet edgy tone that thrilled the audience. All but dancing to the music, she conveyed her delight in this delightful, difficult concerto to her listeners. Her agile fingering and superb breath control made the rapid runs, complicated ornaments and extended phrases seem easy. The audience shouted its approval.
(New York Stringer)

Daphna Mor, originally from Tel Aviv, Israel, leaves all who witness her playing with a smiling jaw-dropped expression when she plays two recorders simultaneously that evoke an echoing, resonating sound.
(MSN Music, Christopher Hart)

It was nice to hear finally some old music... in one of the concerts in Henkellsfeld, mostly because of Daphna Mor, an excellent recorder player..." “... (Mor) gave a new meaning to the expression of Harnocourt’s - “Musik als Klangrede"- music as tone speech-: with much acting, she appeared to be speaking with her recorder, she matched her gestures constantly with the music. One may regard this fascination, but musical result of this emotionally rich approach is convincing: Seldom sounds Baroque music so lively, so captivating. There is no dry scholarly approach or boring rigidity here ." “...the virtuoso highlights were little variations pieces from Jacob van “Engles nachtegaeltje" she could effortlessly outdo every living bird.
(Siegfried Kienzle, “Wiesbaden tagblatt" Germany)

The fact that the recorder can be played ... in a highly virtuoso way, was proved by the Israeli Artist daphna Mor" “... the young artist put together a very exciting program... Mor convinced the audience through sure technique, rich tones and neatly inserted ornaments.
(Alex Zlibulski for “Kurier", Wiesbaden, Germany)

...the music of Giuseppe Sammartini’s recorder concerto in F makes no compromises when it comes to technical difficulty...recorder soloist Daphna Mor...gave an impressive account of it." “ the soloist displayed a strong clear tone and nicely sustained musicality in the lovely slow movement. Udagawa took the final movement in a bouncing clip, and Mor made her recorder trill like a bird.
(Jon L. Lehman, “The Patriot Leager", MA, USA)

Daphna Mor’s keening Recorder took turns stating the undulating melody...With Mor’s excellent supporting vocals, the group attained a rich, swirling sound. Mor’s soprano echo of Schechter’s lead created a powerful dialogue effect, which was enhanced by the call and response between the electric guitar and Mor’s wonderfully nasal corner muse
(Andrew Gilbert “Express", CA, USA)